Golden Horse Inline Frame


Please see photo for how to measure your skate and size chart.


The Golden Horse inline Skate Frame would be an excellent addition to any boot. This inline frame replicates the feel of an ice blade for those who are looking to take their ice skating to the streets and roller rink. The extra narrow heel and and narrow wheels will give you freedom to perform edges and jumps. The inline frame is made of a light weight alloy and is able to achieve a rockered profile to give the same feeling as ice blades. These frame are suitable for performing up to double jumps. Toe stop is a hard rubber with a wide base that is common on all Artistic Roller skates, it also height adjustable to allow you to better control your jump spikes and pivot foot work. This frame can use any brand of standard adjustable 5/8″ American/US threaded aftermarket toe stop, which gives you the freedom to control rebound and gives you purchase and style options when they need to be replaced.

The package includes 2 gold skate frames, Polyurethane wheels that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor skating, toe stops, mounting hardware, and tools. Wheels can be replaced with most inline wheels. Bearing are Abec 9.

G H inlines can be mounted on any ice figure skating boot. The proper hardware for mounting your boot brand will be included with your skates.

The size of the frame to use will depend on the length of the sole of the boot, not the boot manufacturer’s size. Measure carefully and choose the length in mm that is equal to or smaller than your boot sole length. You must include this measurement with your order, and make sure you have a professional to mount or supervise mounting of your frame to the boot.

Kit comes including wheels.
(Wheels are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.)

Frames Only. Boots Not Included.




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